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News of LED screens in the international market

When we refer to LED screens, it is evident that it is not a new market, but in which some still show certain misgivings about being included. Only at RPG Technology, we have been innovating and growing together with our clients for more than 30 years, determined to enter advertising and digital marketing. Recent reports corroborate the capabilities of LED screens in the world market and its main uses and applications.

Types of LED screens

Currently, we are facing majestic LED screens for digital advertising. Their sizes can vary from 40 inches or less and even form part of the facade of the tallest buildings in the world. They are definitely improved communication supports that, in different sizes, bring the best of each brand, project or company.

Our company has various types of indoor and outdoor LED screens, being very popular the K-Post, LED Totems, flat LED, flexible LED, LED floor and others very well received such as Glass LED, LED mesh and creative LED. . In addition to our ultra-thin LED displays, current trends revolve around fine pixel and pixel pitch variants to deliver even more resolution, brightness, and sharpness to projected content.

Insertion in the international market

LED screens have expanded around the world, however, some regions have been in charge of taking it to its maximum splendor and becoming the main manufacturers and exporters. In the American continent, the insertion of screens in the United States, Canada and Mexico is relevant; Europe in Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom; Asia with important representation in China, India and Japan; and in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Businesses that benefit

All businesses, companies and projects can benefit from LED screens by strategically including them in their business plan. Supermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies, beauty centers, health centers, hairdressers, restaurants, game rooms, sales agencies, government institutions and many other sectors need digital advertising and use it to show their best products. and services.

LED screens are the substitutes for static billboards in the 21st century, offering better angles, sharpness and information viewing distance. The means or advertising supports are increasingly larger, to create direct contacts with the public and impact it. This translates into increased customers, followers and sales, as well as leading your sector with technology and innovation.


Undoubtedly, LED screens are profitable and powerful methods to communicate, to be the voice and the medium between your company and its public. The market will expand, for now, dare to invest in LED technology to bring information, entertainment and advertising to your business. Dream big and quote with us.

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