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LED technology in the corporate sector

The company that does not adapt to current technologies perishes. The acquisition of screens with LED technology, therefore, is not a whim. On the contrary, it seeks to insert the institutions of the corporate sector among the preferred ones of its clients and the most visited. Based on this, we want to explain the facilities offered by LED technology for companies and invite you not to waste time and make a quote with us.

LED screens for the corporate sector

There is no single LED screen that we can define for the corporate sector. Each corporate purpose, mission and vision will tell a lot about the type of LED screen you need. Also, the space you have, your recognition in the current market and budget, will determine the most useful screens for your company and the most optimized content.

New companies in the sector may choose to include LED posters (K-Post), LED totems or small flat LED screens in their waiting rooms or joint offices. Some more developed ones will be able to install larger screens, flexible LED, floor LED, LED columns, video walls and others in their control rooms, conference rooms and collaborative work spaces. If, in addition, you already have your own building, you will be interested in the Glass LED to become the most attractive of the surroundings.

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Contents to show

Each of the LED screens that we offer in RPG has its benefits for your space. However, when contracting our services, we will also include content management (Digital Signage) prior to the final installation. Here we offer you a list of the contents that are regularly presented in the corporate sector through LED screens.

  • Institutional videos
  • Images and videos of the brand
  • promotions
  • References to events in which you participate or sponsor
  • Contact forms
  • Motivational quotes
  • Customers using your products and/or services
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Others

Advantages of investing in LED technology for companies

Investing in LED technology for the corporate sector is a smart decision. By incorporating it, you will show signs of concern for what is happening in the technological field and for customer satisfaction. In addition, it constitutes a correct and successful incursion, which will increase the visits to your institution and your sales.

With LED screens, you offer clear, sharp and attractive information for passers-by or attendees, leaving in their memory the brand of content that is different from that of your counterparts in the market. You can use them as entertainment, information, to reduce waiting times or as advertising support. Lobbies, meeting rooms, auditoriums and facades will offer new visual options for your clients, business partners and competitors.

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Synchronized with other servers, your company’s LED screens will also be able to function to hold videoconferences, represent data, offer reports, follow stock prices, learn about the opening of new market niches, track the information you need for your reports and reach a much larger audience. Quality, in LED, prevails.

LED screens, as if that were not enough, have a useful life between 5 and 8 years, even operating uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and require low maintenance. On the other hand, they are useful communication supports for exchanging and interacting with the company’s public, offering them the best content and information in each space they visit. Its management will run within the Kabukiled servers, but our workers will be able to help you modify the contents at any time and adapt them to the dimensions of the contracted screens.


Each projection in pixels makes your work finer, newer and more relevant to your audiences. With high resolution and excellent quality, we bring you the LED screens you need to increase sales and brand recognition. We can adapt to your identity and offer the best image to your clients and audiences, both inside and on the façade of your company and its branches.

If you have thought about joining LED technology to modernize your spaces, you have come to the right place. From RPG Technology we can help you choose the best screens, design them, manufacture them and install them adjusted to your space. Quote with us so that you are one step closer to the technology of the moment. Brilliant and useful: We make it real.

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