LED technology: There’s more than music at a concert

Today, we build so that the user experience transcends the borders of their imagination. During the creative and production stages, highlight the need for something different in your business or event, capable of setting a new paradigm for your counterparts. In the case of entertainment events, such as concerts, it is imperative to work for the maximum enjoyment of the attendees and their immersion in an environment not only musical, but also visual.

In what sense? Well, for example, LED screens are perfectly integrated into the scenography of the concert. In recent years, modern and attractive technology has come to these spaces as a visual support for everything that happens there. The projections can include the artist so that those further away can see him, allegorical images and even effects to the rhythm of the music.

Applications of LED screens for concerts

The entertainment industry has appropriated LED screens for its events. For example, the Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival surprises each year with revolutionary designs that include LED technology. The question lies in the innovation and complicity that we can create with the public. They have the last word regarding the information, advertising and entertainment that you have on your screens.

pantallas led en tomorrowland

These supports no longer constitute supports to the scenography; they are the scenery themselves. Their basic functions have evolved, to the point that they become the protagonists of the event.

  • They bring the vision of the most distant public closer
  • They put texts, song lyrics and other messages related to the event
  • They show signs and digital signage
  • Show videos to the beat of music
  • They create a pleasant environment, both indoors and outdoors
  • They allow the recording for future projections on television or the capture of images to share on social networks
  • They guarantee the contents before, during and after the concert, so that all attendees are connected with their essence all the time

Types of LED screens for concerts

By employing this technology in the music and entertainment industry, we are making a safe investment. The proximity between the LEDs gives them greater resistance and resolution. Other properties to take into account are the recognition that it will give you and the possibility of seeing it from long distances, while the brightness and luminosity proposed by the LED screens is able to illuminate the entire stage or be seen perfectly during the day. LED technology offers the best color and is specially prepared to withstand rain, wind or sun.

Eye-catching screens for set design

  • Flat led
  • Flat led (Shine off)
  • LED floor
  • LED cube
  • Banner display
  • Led curtain
  • Flexible led
  • LED ball

Assembly complexity

Each concert is a different world, adjusted to the demands of artists, producers and available spaces. The LED screens for concerts can be located both indoors and outdoors and with a wide variety of designs. However, the installation of LED screens for musical shows must be done by specialized people.

In reality, screens, in any of their formats, are manufactured in ultra-thin designs that are resistant to accidental blows. Its transportation, of course, must be done with caution, but once the assembly is completed, there are no risks of breakage and the result is amazing. Installation is generally very quick and you will have your screens ready in a matter of hours.

On the other hand, the software of the LED screens will arrive at your hands previously installed. According to the client’s decision, we can design the contents that will be available on the screen with our Digital Signage service or they can be customized and managed through HDMI, USB, Wifi, mobile or other connections. However, working in events of such magnitude requires professionals who constantly attend to the operation of single screens or those placed in the form of waterfalls.

You can create an infinite number of shapes with LED screens: flat, curved stages, with a LED floor, balls and cubes that project images and everything you can imagine. In turn, they accept text, video and audio formats; Without limits, to project everything you need and make your concert an unforgettable memory. Plus, there’s nothing like easily taking them apart and putting them away until the next event.


Communication in any organization or event has to be planned strategically. An individual artist, a musical group or an orchestra also needs their audiences to get the best experience from their concerts. Let’s base ourselves on the principle that everything communicates and design spaces capable of generating much more active and attractive performances.

Your strategy must guarantee visibility and entertainment. Not only concerts, other venues such as television sets, galas, special screenings, local events and festivals will also benefit from the mounting of large LED screens. Create a contrast between the natural and the technological and add the fun of the moment.

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