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LED screens with motion sensor

Large communication campaigns have managed to captivate the public with the use of motion sensors, since in large media they manage to reflect the person or their movements in a very creative way. Its base is LED spotlights or bulbs with motion sensors, which have come down to us in order to reduce lighting consumption, but at the same time detect movements and be more useful to passers-by.

What is a motion sensor and how does it work?

Also known as motion or presence detectors, a motion sensor is a device capable of emitting and receiving motion signals in a given area. Infrared signals are not visible to the eye, but detect changes in heat in an area and reflect it on the screen in question. The sensors are interconnected to react instantly.

When the device detects movement, it increases the brightness of the LEDs in that area, which in the case of LED screens is very attractive. After a period determined by the user or when the passerby disappears from the area in front of the screen, the screen will decrease the intensity of the lighting again and return to its natural state.

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What are your applications?

Motion sensor LED screens have been useful in car parks, corridors, public bathrooms, gardens and terraces. The truth is that they are an interesting advertising investment, as they impact potential customers in the space where they least expect it and, as if that were not enough, they consume less energy than other equivalent LED screens in operation 24 hours a day.

At RPG Technology we have a Sensmotion service, thanks to which we bring LED technology with motion sensor closer to our customers. Not only for our digital advertising campaigns, but also for our clients in the business sector. We have managed to reproduce any complete movement of the human body and turn it into a digital character, according to your corporate image. Now they have renewed institutional mascots and an air of novelty for the brand.

What benefits does a motion sensor have?

  • LED screens with motion sensor generate a greater impact among the public.
  • They are excellent advertising investments for large shopping centers or even in unexpected places.
  • They are very modern and attractive technology compared to their counterparts.
  • It offers more lighting when passing and by reducing it, it saves energy.
  • They are a very interesting advertising investment for any sector.
  • They can be found in large-scale projects.


Motion sensor LED screens can be very relevant to your business. At RPG Technology, we have developed Sensmotion technology to help you make new dreams come true. Capture the movements of your customers and translate them into new images, in this way you will have new content, new followers and an increase in your sales.

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