pantallas led en tu negocio

LED screens in your business plan

With the evolution of LED technology, it is increasingly common for institutions, companies and projects to use LED screens as part of their digital advertising. Currently, more than a simple investment, there must be a prior and strategic conception of LED screens from your business plan. Undoubtedly, this is excellent communication support and a unique opportunity to (re) launch your content.

Content adaptability

LED technology has allowed the contents to be diversified and not to be static as in traditional billboards. In this way, texts, images, videos and animations can be included in the screens. However, the main characteristic that they have and that we want to highlight is their adaptability to different sizes and their easy management from a central server. This allows the same business to project its content on different or the same LED screens and in different branches.

Differentiate between your peers

Every day there are more stores, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and even government institutions that make the leap towards LED technology. You can decide on this differentiating factor between your counterparts and/or competitors. Undoubtedly, the quality of the contents, the brightness, the sharpness and the resolution with which they are projected, will say much more about your brand as a leader in innovation and technology.


When preparing your business plan, you foresee the contents and the duration in which you will project them for your clients. If you already have an LED screen or are thinking of investing in one, you will be receiving benefits for years to come. These communication supports are prepared to work uninterruptedly for 5 to 8 years, which does not mean that your content will remain in them forever, but rather that you have the opportunity to vary and update them whenever you need it and without spending large budgets.


LED screens, wherever you place them, will help to perceive an apparent reduction in waiting times. In them, all the information must be of quality and useful for the attendees and for your future clients. As if that were not enough, they are captivating for children, adults or the elderly, as there are various shapes, sizes and ways of interacting with them. Definitely, this technology has become a special support for effective and direct communication between companies and their audiences.

Promotion of your business

LED screens open up for you as supports to promote all your products and services. At RPG Technology we have extensive experience with companies from various sectors and you can consult it on our blog so you can learn about the best applications of LED screens for your business. It is important to recognize how much content you can throw in them, without necessarily being advertising. Information, entertainment and public good messages also find their place in this advanced technology.

audience segmentation

When you conceive the use of LED screens from your Marketing department or group, it is essential to identify the characteristics of the target audience and the strategic area in which they will place this support. We can increasingly customize the content to suit their needs and guide them towards your products and services. Identify, design and project the right messages, at the right time.

Cost effectiveness

In addition to the increase in the number of followers, customers and sales, LED screens will bring profitability to your business. Sometimes, you do not have enough content to have your LED screen running 24 hours a day; In this case, an excellent solution is to receive income by including advertising for other local businesses and brands. Do you remember how brands are promoted on U-Television and screens on the edges of football matches? You can earn income the same way, but in your business.

The most attractive business

Make your space not go unnoticed among your current and potential customers. LED technology makes it possible to carry much more attractive and versatile content. Static media used to allow you to see an advertisement once for several months, but now you must stop to admire the series of content that is fixed at intervals on an LED screen for digital advertising.


Investing in LED screens for the advertising of your project or company is not a decision that can be taken easily or lightly. However, there are so many benefits of investing, that it is almost impossible to put it aside in these times. Of course, it is necessary to carry out rigorous studies that lead us to insert it in the best and most effective way in our business plan.

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