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LED screens in the DJ area

The times you go to parties, how do you feel the music and how do you appreciate the videos and animations that are projected? Many DJs, although not all, have chosen to excellently mix their songs, but also their visual content to make the dancers’ experience unique. Onstage is where the mood of the bar or club comes from, so it’s best to keep it up and, if possible with LEDs, even better.

Why install LED screens?

For the DJ, the colorful stage is an indispensable accompaniment to his music. If, for a change, they can also have intelligent LED screens and synchronized with the rhythm of their music, the fun will be undeniable. LED technology, for its part, is responsible for guaranteeing the lightness of the support, the quality, resolution, brightness and sharpness that accompany the contents.

Art and technology would be combining in front of the public’s eyes and the DJ would be in charge of his fun and the correct and most attractive arrangement of the musical pieces. The DJ bar LED display must share the appearance of the stage and the customization services of the video and music. That yes, the work of the DJ requires constant updating and, therefore, the information, entertainment or advertising that they place on their screens will also vary.

What content will we see?

For a DJ, everything that is attractive, psychedelic, new and colorful will be perfect. His name or logo, music videos, song lyrics and even impressive animations are just some of the content that will be available on his LED screen to capture the public’s attention to the rhythm of the music. For your development area, at RPG Technology we approach you and carry out the measurements and manufacture LED screens to suit you. As if that were not enough, we can also design the content that is available on the screen and manage it for you with our Digital Signage service.

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What guarantee do we get with the LED DJ screens?

It is very sensible to bring LED screens to a DJ area. Flat screen televisions have already been proven to be neither effective nor efficient enough to be installed in these spaces.

  • LED screens are more interactive for the public.
  • The investment may be a little higher, but it works much better between 5 and 8 years.
  • It can be in operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Ultra-thin screens will not disrupt movement around the bar area.
  • The LED technology has been designed to withstand accidental knocks without breaking down and, if requested, will also be waterproof from any drinks that may be spilled on it.
  • We can set the contents of the screen according to the personality of the DJ or the decoration of the bar.
  • You can dare to wear fun designs such as virtual reality, 3D, patterns or continuous animations that mix with the rhythm of the music.
  • The screens are very varied: flat, flexible, cube, circular and all the shapes you can imagine, to achieve the most interactive and immersive spaces.
  • You can hire it in the size you want and we will install it for you.
  • Bring the best entertainment experience.
  • Include default effects or design and program your own.


Bring culture, fun and technology together at your DJ booth. Modern and LED screens will light up your night scene and capture the attention of your entire dancing audience. Night clubs will help to showcase your texts, images and songs that you have saved for your enjoyment. Get everyone to relax and follow you. You just have to dream big and in LED. We make it real.

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