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LED screens in gyms

We have all enjoyed the wonders of the gym at some point, even if the next day every part of our body aches. Perhaps, in addition, you are part of the work or management team of one of these sports centers, that is why we want to show you an excellent way to reach your current audience and capture the attention of those who visit you for the first time. Digital advertising LED screens will become your best allies from now on.

Why choose LED technology?

Each gym, depending on its location, needs special lights to keep attendees active and awake. Why not choose LED technology then? Not only in lights, but also in attractive and useful displays. This technology is cheaper, more efficient and brighter, without emitting heat or noise. LED screens, therefore, will be the best communication support to provide light, but also information, entertainment and advertising in the gym.


Information, entertainment and advertising in the gym

Digital signage is perfect in these spaces: it helps to indicate each area, to show available hours, to propose products from the gym itself, among other content. For this reason, we have prepared for you the most relevant uses of LED screens in these spaces. We are sure that they will help you improve your relationship with customers and increase sales.


Gymnastics want to know everything about your gym. Guarantee in them your service hours, promotions for special days, all the spaces to which they can have access, the events that you organize and in which you participate, as well as the latest news that surround the sports field and that may interest them. Information is power: show them yours.



There are not a few who go to the gym in search of a source of food for the spirit. Take care of them also in your LED screens. Post inspiring content, phrases, photos, videos, food reels, tips to do your exercises, among other formats that can help them stay inspired and coming to your business. If it is insufficient, these are other contents that you can project on them.

  • TV channels or live sports
  • Your updated Instagram grid
  • health tips
  • Fashion outside and inside the gym
  • travel and culture

digital advertising

The time has come for RPG Technology, a company that will help you bring the best of digital advertising to your gym. We can help you quote your screens and we will deliver it to you ready with the necessary contents, even adapted to the identity of your business. This is how you can show the availability of merchandise from your business such as pullovers, thermos, coats or everything that contains your brand. Likewise, it informs about your promotions, your programs for exclusive clients, the products to lose weight, the supplements for nutrition or training, the menu of your cafeteria, among others.

other tips

There are no LED screens above the others. On the contrary, each space and each marketing team will know how to decide which communication support is best for you. For example, it is very common to see flat LED screens in indoor spaces, but depending on the location, their size will vary. In the area of ​​machines, we will opt for small or medium-sized screens, which capture your attention during training breaks, while in the area of ​​spinning or functional exercises, we will opt for large screens that keep the inspiration with images, video and music for everything. high.

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LED screens are communication supports that are easy to use. In a gym, its use will be reversed into loyal customers and the increase in your subscriptions and sales. Remember that a satisfied customer will tell everyone about your brand. Create programs with which they feel identified and committed and bring the best of LED technology to them. Quote with us.

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