pantallas LED en China

LED screens in China

On previous occasions, we have brought to you the best representations of LED screens in certain regions or countries of the world. However, in this sector of technology, China appears as the main manufacturer and not with special examples of installations. Many affirm that this country is the factory of the world, but it is also important to know some elements to take into account before acquiring them.

Technical assistance

If you are a company dedicated to the distribution and installation of LED screens, you will possibly receive dozens of messages on your social networks and email inviting you to purchase your LED screens from Asian manufacturers. Shenzhen is one of the world’s leading cities in the manufacture of electronic components. It is very important that the commercial has all the technical knowledge about the LED screens that you are going to acquire and that they are the same ones in charge of following up the sale and post-sale.

Manual and installation

It is essential to take into account the language barrier during the discussions and later in the warranty service. Once your equipment arrives, it may or may not be easy to install, but the instruction manual, at least, must contain clear explanations about the assembly and operation of your LED screen. If possible, that they guarantee a good translation of said manual.

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Time difference and region

This can be an inconvenience at every step because, for example, with a local distributor you will not have problems scheduling appointments or meetings during your work hours. Likewise, you will have few communication problems and they will be fluid and constant. On the other hand, the import of LED screens from China imposes high costs of tariffs, customs payments, fees and taxes. In addition, Chinese LED display factories generally require a large volume minimum purchase for their shipments.

The guarantee can also be affected by distance. The repair and shipment of damaged parts and components may involve long periods of transportation. If we add to this that the company in China does not have the components, it will be necessary to send the equipment again until the problem is solved. This scenario is not favorable for any company, as it will in turn reduce the time that the client is exposed to the brand’s digital advertising.

quality certificates

A good way to know which are the best LED screens on the market in China is by checking their quality certificates according to international standards ISO 9000 and ISO 9001. Also evaluate if they manufacture both fixed and non-fixed LED screens; its useful life (between 5,000 and 10,000 hours); protection against water and dust particles; what types of LED chips are included to provide better impact and image quality; the size of the pixel or pixel pitch; resistance to high and low temperatures of power supplies; and compatible software control systems.

LED display

China and LED screens

As you can see, we are facing a giant in the manufacture of LED screens. The manufacturing, distribution and monitoring of these communication supports is based in the Asian country, only we must take into account some important elements to choose the best quality and durable screens. At RPG Technology, we can also help you with the price of your digital advertising screens and we have offices around the world.

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