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LED screens for advertising in the United Arab Emirates

Nobody is unaware of the economic potential that some cities in the United Arab Emirates represent. The standard of living of the population exceeds the average values ​​and it is presented to us as an excellent space in which to invest and to which we can take our products and services. Of course, digital advertising has its place there, that’s why we wanted to tell you about some aspects that will make you carry your content in LED technology.

The main cities

The United Arab Emirates has rich cities thanks to its oil reserves, but also because of its investments in various businesses and the promotion of tourism. In Abu Dhabi, the state capital, the population has high incomes and enjoys a quiet lifestyle associated with areas of interest such as the arts, heritage and business. Due to its determination and experience, the investments that finally take place there are considered long-term and with a possible high rate of development.

On the other hand, Dubai, the smart city, is home to many world-renowned companies associated with technology. It is not unexpected to learn that the largest digital advertising projects with LED screens have been manufactured and installed in this geographical area. Solar-powered work, self-employment and even large 3D printing predominate in Dubai. It is a busier city than Abu Dabhi, so the investment in LED technology will have to be even more impressive and effective.

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The magic of buildings in the United Arab Emirates

How have the tallest buildings in the world been built in the middle of the desert? From being a country that exported pearls, important oil reserves were found in it, important injections of capital. However, the release of export and import tariffs has led its population and many businessmen around the world to invest in their cities and obtain a 100% return on their investment.

The cities mentioned above break all records: the largest building in the world, the only seven-star hotel, the architectural and civil wonders with gold, giant shopping malls, extensive amusement parks, underwater hotels, “premium” real estate, among others. Luxury in the business and tourist world is law among the emerging constructions in the United Arab Emirates.

Digital advertising at your height

Given the accelerated commercial growth of the country, it is essential to insert yourself in it, whatever your brand or business may be. The important thing is that digital advertising is up to the technological development and the busy life of its inhabitants and visitors. The Burj Khalifa is one of the most emblematic real estate developments in Dubai and has 163 habitable floors and 828 meters. By 2014 they were already planning to build the largest LED screen on it and they succeeded.

Currently, it requires more than 72 kilometers of wiring and 10,000 connectors that cover a total area of ​​33,000 square meters. The installed LED screen required a prepared team, capable of making the connections at great heights and in extreme weather conditions (including sun and dust). Even so, the task was completed, welcoming the New Year of 2015 with dynamic content. From now on, various artists and companies have inserted themselves there, bringing the best of its contents to the building’s façade.

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Other projects

LED screens in the United Arab Emirates exceed expectations in digital advertising. The dimensions and pixel pitch start at least 10mm and are done primarily outdoors, so they can be seen from long distances and impact everyone. Strategically, they invest in double-sided LED screens, so that passers-by can see them from any angle.

Images will be sharp and eye-catching, even in extreme weather, but big brands will look to display their content in the outdoor environment, with digital billboards. Undoubtedly, innovation is a watchword in this part of the world and its commercial and advertising strategies are true icons of LED technology, on a par with the busiest area of ​​New York or its own buildings.


Investing in the United Arab Emirates is a guaranteed and fast return on investment. Bringing your digital advertising to its busiest, most visited and most important areas means being a representative part of the world’s businesses. Quote with us and we will take you to insert yourself with LED screens in one of the most valuable markets in the world.

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