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Installations of LED screens in Panama

In recent months, we have carried out important installations of LED screens in Panama. Among them, two stand out in large shopping centers and business buildings. Fruttidimare, a restaurant in Anclas Mall, La Chorrera, now has two flat LED screens, while for the projection of the long-awaited Super Bowl LVI we have two movable LED screens and a LED floor sample. Discover with us all its uses.

Fruttidimare Restaurant – Anclas Mall

In this shopping center, important brands of entertainment, beauty, sports, fashion and fast food come together. For Fruttidimare, it was essential to find a way to reach passers-by and differentiate itself from other businesses. For this reason, they contacted RPG Technology and entrusted us with their investment in LED technology. The contents displayed there can be regularly updated from our central server and the LED screens will be resistant and durable communication supports for at least 6 years, in constant operation.

Through it, they could bring information, entertainment, the menu of the day, images and videos of their star dishes and entertainment for the whole family to current and potential customers. To this end, we installed two INDOOR P 2.5 LED screens. In recent years, we have been disconnecting from traditional print advertising and that is where digital advertising has come to play its role as a space to carry information, promotion and entertainment.

As the shopping center is located in a privileged area, with more than 500 thousand inhabitants, the Fruttidimare LED screens will be exposed to the passage of a high volume of people every day. In addition, they will be able to have their opening and closing hours, the products and services offered, representative images and videos of their brand, the digital menu or QR codes for access. We have different LED screens, just contact us and we will show you the best ones adapted to your space and your business. But, without a doubt, the flat LED works perfectly in the restaurant sector.

Super Bowl LVI – Panama Pacific Building

The Super Bowl event is one of the most anticipated worldwide. It consists of the final game of the NFL (National Football League) in the United States and is broadcast live to all the states of the country and others in the world. Although not everyone knows its history or how points are counted in American football, the halftime between the first two sets of the game is the most anticipated activity. The show features major global entertainment artists, this year featuring Snoop Dog, Dr. Dree, Mary, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent.

If it’s already fun to watch at home, imagine it in full color, size and resolution. For this reason we take our LED screens to the Panama Pacifico Building and share the event with all the attendees. In this space, we offered the synchronized signal of the match, combined with the excellent gastronomic options of the place. Definitely a WIN – WIN.

From RPG, we carry two movable flat LED screens for the enjoyment of the match and a small LED floor screen for the little ones at home. While the adults were lost in thought, they had no concern for their children, because this interactive and attractive space filled the children with happiness and entertained them during the more than 3 hours that the sporting event lasted. Therefore, LED screens are not only useful for promotion, but also for the entertainment of all audiences in any sector.


Panama is already benefiting from the installation of LED screens in its spaces. At RPG Technology we are not only represented there, but we can coordinate your LED screens in other countries of the American, European and Asian continents. Contact us and quote with us. Dare to innovate is brave. Dream big about your digital advertising and we will make it come true.

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