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Health centers where LED screens arrive

Waiting for routine check-ups, in hospitals, emergency rooms or beauty centers can be exhausting for patients. For healthcare workers, this also translates into more questions, irritability, and work overload, as they receive questions from attendees all the time. Therefore, a good way to alleviate them both is to invest in led screens for health centers.

Using led screens in this sector, goes beyond the traditional locations in the cafeteria and reaches all spaces, for all audiences and streamlining the processes of the institution. In a simple way, on these screens you can insert information, advertising, entertainment content or public good.

What kind of information to present?

Interactive maps: They allow making signs for patients and health personnel of the institution. In this way, it is possible to indicate the current location, the different treatments of the plant, the location of the information services, infirmary, emergencies, exit doors, among other aspects.

Hours: Not all health centers operate 24 hours a day, this is reserved for emergency treatments or specific services. Therefore, aesthetic centers, dental clinics, pediatric services, pharmacies of the center and others, will be able to have their opening and closing hours on the LED screens.

Waiting time: It is possible to program a system of shifts, schedules and waiting time for patients in the room. Giving each one the information about their shift and the system being controlled by the doctors themselves, the assistants will have a clearer idea about the approximate time of their consultation.

Advertising and public good publicity: Many health centers are self-financed, so inserting advertising on their led screens can also be a good way to generate income. However, it is better to insert information related to healthy lifestyles and motivational messages.

Work shifts: For health personnel it is beneficial to have led screens in places of rest or for what they travel frequently. Thus, they can find out about the delay of a colleague, absences that must be made up, duration of work hours, calendars of the month and other information.

Menu of the day: Inpatients and internal staff may be interested in the menu of the day or the offers in the cafeteria of the health center. These screens can also be used to promote healthy meals or recommended foods according to the type of institution (geriatrics, ophthalmology, nutrition, etc.).

Contacts: Through the LED screens in health centers, it is possible to publicize the telephone numbers, emails and social networking sites where to find and contact the institution. Likewise, emergency numbers such as ambulances, firefighters, police and others can be placed.

Events: If the health center decides to hold an event, promote awareness campaigns, charity spaces or fundraisers, led screens are of great value. The information displayed indoors or outdoors will capture the attention of the public and will encourage them to participate in these proposals.

Benefits of led screens in health centers

As we have seen, LED screens are important for health centers and can become great allies for patients and workers. Receptions, waiting rooms, staff rooms, cafeterias and common areas will benefit from the acquisition of these communication media. However, outdoor areas can also be used to shock passersby and guide them to the type of health facility in front of them.

Thanks to this unique support, your health center will have state-of-the-art technology and will be a sign of modernity and concern for the accurate information offered to patients. Through a simple Digital Signage system, you will have updated content and in line with the style manual of your institution. Photographs, videos, texts, schedules and maps are just some of the formats that you will put at your disposal, 24 hours a day.

Therefore, from RPG Technology we invite you to make small economic investments in our LED screens. You will get an attractive visual, versatile information, less perception of waiting time, durable technology and benefits multiplied more than 8 times.