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Fairs and events with LED magic

Institutions, companies and projects prepare materials and promotions for their products and services throughout the year. However, for their presentation at fairs, exhibitions and specific events they need to carry their messages through special communicative supports, capable of distinguishing them from their competitors, their counterparts and their audiences.

Screens that use LED technology can be used for these purposes, as they are fast, manageable and high-impact supports for the audience. In this way, our screens are an unmatched support between the need to communicate with customers and the content available. Today we will talk about the applications and benefits of using LED screens in events such as conventions, fairs and exhibitions.

Applications of LED screens in events

At fairs, conventions and exhibitions, fast, direct and effective communication supports are needed to display information, business messages, special promotions or create spaces for interaction with the public and future clients. What can we get from them? Much more attractive and fluid advertising than that offered by stationery or other non-digital media. What can we do with them?

  • Produce large-format commercial strategies for events that deserve it, where contacts, customers and relationships with suppliers, distributors and strategic audiences are increased.
  • Present corporate videos, images about products and services and their applications, launch campaigns, interactive videos, interesting news, subtitled spaces for a larger audience, reports, interviews, promotions, social media messages, positive reviews, among other content.
  • From the very organization of the event, the LED screens will be able to guarantee the orientation to the public, the presentation of the schedules and the work calendar and the provision of content about what happens there.
  • Generate an immersive experience that takes the public into the contents of the screens and makes them feel attracted to the stand or project you are presenting.
  • Bring more people to your space. Surely, some of your counterparts will also want to know your products and services, attracted by the accurate information on your LED screens. Future business relationships and alliances may emerge from there.
  • Stand out in front of a large volume of people.
  • Obtain visibility among companies with a similar corporate purpose.
  • Offer quality content in premium media, large or small, but always with high brightness, sharpness and contrast.
  • Use them for any sector. Technology, fashion, retail, transportation… absolutely everyone can win the respect and attraction of the public, using LED technology screens.
  • You will achieve a positive image for the company or project in question, based on interactive, fluid and dynamic content.

Criteria for purchase or rent

Easy assembly: The LED screens that we manufacture can be easily mounted leaning on the floor, the wall or hanging, depending on the type of stand we have designed. For your convenience, we manufacture screens that require the minimum and most precise installation steps. In addition, its quality prevents deterioration or interruption of operation by accidental shocks, water or dust.

Flexible design: When creating our LED screens, we take into account the demands of our customers, the space they have and their business objectives. In this way, we determine which are the best communicative supports to present your messages in these circumstantial events, but so necessary for the optimal development of the company in the future. The screens are manufactured in ultra-thin designs and in various shapes: K-Post, videowalls, led columns, flat led, flexible led or any other that can adapt your design for interiors.

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Viewing angle and distance: For your screens to stand out, it is necessary that they can be seen from any distance and angle. Generally, our displays can be viewed sharply at nearly 180 degrees and the distance is determined by the space between the pixels on the LED display. Thus, a communication stand p 2.5 is perfectly visible from 2.5 meters in length and can compete with high levels of ambient light due to its sharpness and brightness.

Size: At RPG we work with custom designs for your LED screens, adapting our manufacturing to the space you have and the screen size you need. In addition, our Digital Signage service delivers the final product with all the content adapted for your specific measure. In this way, there is no risk of error when projecting your content at such important events.


How to take advantage of our presentation at events? Without a doubt, investing in the purchase or rental of LED technology screens for this, will help to leave your mark. Of course, the content has to accompany it. But, from RPG, we wanted to tell you about the applications, benefits and criteria to take into account to offer your audiences better experiences.

Advertising, good taste and quality, perfectly summarize the inclusion of LED screens within your communication strategy for fairs, conventions, exhibitions and events. Conceive state-of-the-art communication in your daily work. There is no doubt that your stay will show professionalism and technological innovation; and we ensure that the investment will be reverted to attracted clients and established audiences