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Design of LED screens

Finally, you have decided to invest in LED screens, however, you still do not know what the best supports are for it and how to adapt your content to make it dazzling. At RPG Technology, we can help you decide with a simple quote and show you all the benefits of the design of our LED screens in each sector or business.

You should learn two very simple things about it. The physical design of the LED screens can be adapted to your space and the strategic planning of your Marketing team or having pre-designed supports for your digital advertising. On the other hand, the software used to project the contents must be adjusted and meet certain parameters of time, colors and sizes of texts, videos and images.

Types of LED screens

Digital signage has far surpassed traditional printed signage. Nowadays, many of the important city centers and even small businesses bet on some LED screen in their space. It is therefore very important to have a minimum technical knowledge of these supports, in order to achieve results and return on investment as soon as possible.

Among the LED screens that we have and that can be acquired and put into operation immediately are the K-Post and the LED Totems. Both are screens with predetermined sizes, but with very precise pitch pixels to project the best of your content with this technology. They are usually a cheap investment, already have their own structure to place where you want and their content can be easily made available through an Internet connection.

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On the other hand, LED screens can be installed with different modules or cabinets, forming from small to large screens. An example, outdoors it is possible to find giant screens of more than 25 m2 but visible from any distance. This is where the correct layout, design and size of your brand’s content becomes very important.

In this way, the best option is to have a specialized team, such as RPG Technology, to guide you through the process and help you define the perfect size of your LED screen for digital advertising. In addition, our Marketing and facilities specialists will advocate for having your content ready on our central server once it reaches its final destination. Thus, your LED screen is ready to go into operation and you also have guaranteed technical advice from now on.

Design Advantages of LED displays

According to each type of screen, its resolution, brightness and contrast will vary. Here the pixel pitch is very important, to know in advance from what distance your content will be displayed clearly. Create the design of your LED screen from the beginning, tailored to your needs and with the specificities you want. Remember that we not only have flat LEDs and videowalls, but also flexible LED, Glass LED and creative LED screens (with LED cubes, balls, stairs, ceilings, meshes and floors).

Digital Signage accompanies you in each process and allows you to update your content with some regularity and program them so that they are projected at the busiest times for your audience. Correct installation and assembly of the screens is not enough if the content is not worth it. Take on your screens interactive maps, information, entertainment for the little ones, digital signage and, of course, advertising. Establish the objective of your company and pursue it together with the best LED technology supports. Surprise your current customers, build loyalty and attract even more new ones.

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Design of the contents of LED screens

Once you have chosen the type of LED screen that you will use in your business, the next step is to create, select and adjust the content to your screen. However, not all content responds in the same way to the dimensions of the screen, nor do they impact the public as we wish. That’s why new and specialized texts, images, animations and videos will make a better impression among your current and potential customers.

As we have mentioned before, Digital Signage is very important at this stage. Some companies will also deliver the content, while with others you will have to hire external designers or entrust the task to those of your company. It is necessary that, in any case, they have the necessary quality and advertising influence. Experts in graphic design will bet on dynamic – and digital – Marketing strategies to achieve the objectives of the organization and increase your recognition and sales.

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Optimize the contents of your different screens, creating an attractive aesthetic, capable of capturing the attention of customers at all times. Locate relevant information in it and use as few texts as possible. Let your content speak for itself! In case you use texts, try to occupy at least ¼ of your screen and use contrasting colors between the fonts and the background.

In digital advertising there are endless variants to achieve better visibility among passers-by, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Bet on short videos, of no more than 20 seconds, and remember that not all your clients, especially in outdoor advertising, can stop to watch the ad. You must be clear, direct and concise. Convey only one idea per image and use colors that stand out from each other. Check the proportions of your LED screen and what will be the best size for other communication resources such as animations and logos.


The world of LED screens is very wide. However, knowing about the design of both the physical media and the software in them can be very positive for your company. Dare to innovate and invest in LED technology for digital advertising and quote with us. We can make everything you dream of come true for you and your clients.

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