pantallas LED en el sector hotelero

LED screens in the hospitality industry

How much do you enjoy the experience in a great hotel? In these facilities, every little detail counts: the attention upon arrival, the brand’s promotional gifts and, why not, everything that attracted you and informed you through a screen. These supports are very well received in the hotel sector, as they help to bring the brand to your clients, attract others and create new business relationships.

LED screens in the hotel industry can appear in two ways, in different spaces of the place or in fairs and events dedicated to the promotion of brands and from which alliances, contracts and reservations can arise. Either way, they are important to improve communication with customers and help make tourism a profitable and secure source of income.

What kind of LED screens is useful to use?

In the hotel sector, LED screens arrive to occupy areas both indoors and outdoors, but adding value to customer experiences. Interactive or not, the flat LED, the totems, the K-Post, the video walls, the flexible LED and even the Glass LED will be both useful and modern and attractive to your audiences. You can choose them in the size you want or customize them to your available spaces, but providing all the necessary information through them.

This way, you can display dynamic and regularly updated content. As if that were not enough, RPG Technology screens are designed to work uninterruptedly 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Thus, we guarantee an investment of at least 5 years in LED screens that will bring you immediate benefits.

What content to show?


  • General information
  • Images and videos of the hotel and the brand
  • Room prices and current promotions
  • Business hours and opening of hotel services
  • Food and drink options
  • Plans, activities and complementary services
  • programmable excursions
  • Places of interest near the hotel
  • Opinions of former clients
  • Ongoing events in specialized rooms

Pool, beach and entertainment

  • Permitted access times
  • Weather related information
  • Show programming
  • Security measures in the area
  • Permitted/prohibited activities

Restaurants and bars

  • Menus of the day
  • drinks available
  • Sample of prepared dishes
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Reservation area for specialized dinners
  • Entertainment while you wait
  • Ceate atmosphere


Other areas (lobby, elevators, corridors)

  • General information
  • location maps
  • Images and videos of the hotel and the brand
  • Opinions of former clients
  • Current hours and weather
  • hotel guide
  • Entertainment

Advantages of using LED screens in the hotel sector

Investing in LED screens is a profitable and affordable option to bring your brand information and advertising to your spaces and to all customers. In the hospitality industry, each space can be used to communicate and build customer loyalty through dynamic and attractive content. In them they will be able to consult, locate, visualize necessary information and be entertained.

tecnología led en el sector hotelero

How will this turn around for you? Well, in a positive improvement of the image of your hotel, the increase in its value due to the investment in LED technology and a high impact on clients and peers. LED screens in the hotel sector are effective communication channels, designed to receive visitors and capture their attention from the first moment.

They, for their part, will feel welcome in a modern and welcoming establishment. In the visible and busy areas of the hotel, they will receive information 24 hours a day, which will help them to locate themselves better and find what they are looking for or want in the facility. Waiting times and irritability will be noticeably reduced, plus you’ll be able to reach them in multiple languages ​​and with as few words as possible.

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