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Differences between print and digital advertising

After several weeks talking about digital advertising, we still can’t understand why you don’t list your LED screens to impress your customers. Today, as a summary, we wanted to bring you its main characteristics and how it differs from the print advertising that reigned until the last century. Join us to briefly discover the magic of LED technology.

print advertising

digital advertising

Duration and current

Ads with expiration date

Easily manageable ads

Renovation prices

High price and difficult access

Management from anywhere 


Low resolution and visibility in inclement weather

High resolution, sharpness and brightness across the screen and at any time of day


Small audience and sticky messages

Wide audience and tailored messaging based on feedback


Printed image and/or text until renewal

Images, texts, videos and animations with playback times


Print Media Continues to Lead Ad Credibility

Little by little, it is inserted among the preferred communication supports of customers

Results measurement

Iis more ambiguous

Some supports allow to know the time that people have spent in front of them

Attracted customers

It is difficult to measure how many people have seen the ad

Lead greater number of sales, followers and customers


Digital advertising is here to stay and LED screens are excellent communication media to take them all. At RPG Technology, we have specialized in bringing you digital and IT solutions for your business. Quote with us online and we will carry personalized advertising for you and your clients. Dream big, we make it real.

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