Types of advertising on LED screens

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Types of advertising on LED screens

It is unfair to think that, after so many years of development of LED technology for digital advertising, there are still sectors and subjects that question the effectiveness of these communication supports. For us at RPG Technology, two elements make up the most important thing: dynamism and impact. Combining them in these perfect supports is a boost and a guarantee of the proper functioning of your advertising and the return on your investment in the short term.

Dynamism in advertising

Literally, LED screens have come to replace traditional fixed and printed signage. In these supports, it is not only possible, but essential to use videos and animations of the highest quality. We do not deny the high impact that high resolution images can cause, however, we would be wasting some of the potential of LED screens.

There is no optimal time or place to install all LED screens; this must be analyzed by a detailed marketing and/or digital advertising group. On the other hand, among our recommendations is the variation of the content between 6 and 8 seconds (which has proven to be the maximum attention span of the public). LED screens can work 24 hours a day, indoors and outdoors, so choose carefully the type of advertising content that you will bring to them.


What sectors benefit from digital advertising? We could say that everyone, because the search for the best communication supports is adapted to each space. Thus, for example, we may find LED screens in entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping centers, stores, stadiums, theaters, universities, festivals and fairs. The possibility of adding movement draws more attention from passers-by, so the supports will have more weight.

  • Unipolar: A stand-up vertical display that inserts your advertising clearly and concisely, typically indoors.
  • Billboards: On billboards or flat or flexible LED modules, various brand messages are placed in a short time.
  • Fixed billboard: Due to its large size and outdoor location, any message, product or service will be seen by a high volume of people and will be known more quickly.
  • Other LED supports: We can provide creative, attractive and impressive projections with K-Post, LED Totems, creative LED, floor, stairs, Glass, mesh and all those that come to mind.

Types of advertising

In general, we can refer to the type of advertising depending on the support, such as LED banners, digital signs, INDOOR or OUTDOOR screens, among others. The important thing is that, this time, they do not reproduce static images or only the brand name, but also present useful, interesting and attractive information for the user.

Advertising can have commercial or public good purposes, the important thing is that the content has an impact and leads to a quick return on investment. In recent years, we have seen the rise of 3D technology, 360° videos, QR codes for shortcuts, social networks, body sensors and even augmented virtual reality without the need for special glasses. Quote your media and advertising content with us.

Its advantages

Once again, we briefly comment on the benefits of advertising on LED screens. These supports allow good visibility in short distances and consume less energy than neon or fluorescent light signs. They are ideal for the power of the hardware and the ease of handling the software. In addition, they enhance the image of the company among consumers.

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There is no ideal type of advertising for a business. Sometimes the trial – error can give us more possibilities to reach our audience. However, defining that LED screens are excellent supports to achieve this is one of the main steps. At RPG Technology we want to help you take the big leap towards LED technology and advertising with us.

There are no limits. We make it real.
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