Second hand in LED technology

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Second hand in LED technology

LED screens make their way into digital advertising and become useful for all sectors. However, it is still an expensive technology in the market, even if its quality, brightness and resolution are worth it. For this reason, many choose to acquire second-hand LED screens and we want to share some tips with you in case you want to make this somewhat smaller investment.

There are various types of LED screen. The first thing you should do is diagnose the size and intensity of the screens you need in your business. Small glitches or dull pixels will be less noticeable on large screens and for casual viewing audiences. On the contrary, in small businesses you must be more careful with the details in this communication support.

The nature of your business will also tell you which LED screen to invest in. If you are going to buy it second-hand, you should choose one according to your needs, such as K-Post and LED Totems in small businesses or flat LED, video walls or LED curtains in open or larger spaces. Invest only what is necessary but in products of excellent quality.

Check in detail the contracts and/or guarantees of the LED screen that they offer you second-hand. If the previous owner was in close contact with the supplier, they may be able to make a technical opinion for you or do some adjustments, replacements or pixel calibrations should you need them.

Research the online seller company. Although you may not know much about LED display manufacturers, the regularly updated information and the veracity of the approaches will make you choose one or the other and have a general knowledge before buying. If your website includes recognized brands with which you have worked, much better, this will give you greater security and quality in the purchase.

Ask questions online or go to the selling company first to learn more about the product. They may be able to provide you with technical sheets or short training courses on the products they sell. A minimum technological knowledge will open many doors for you before deciding on a second-hand LED screen.

Do a little research on their official providers as well. Not all companies that sell LED screens manufacture them, but purchase them in other markets around the world. Asia has a high representation in this market, while in the West there are fewer manufacturers and perhaps less experience and quality.

If you need your communicative support urgently, better go with an electrician or trained personnel to verify the status of the LED screen not only outside. Inside there may be burnt cables, voltage failures, problems with encoder or receiver cards, dead pixels, disconnected boards or other faults. The image must be projected properly and for that everything must be in order.

Ask how long it has actually been in use. LED technology is very energy efficient and durable. However, its useful life can be between 5 and 8 years in use, so you should evaluate if it really is a safe investment in second-hand equipment. You must estimate the expected time of return on investment to know if your acquisition will increase your customers and sales.


In eight simple tips we have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in second-hand LED screens. As time, basic knowledge is needed in the field to acquire good equipment and fulfill its advertising function for several years in your local or company. The brand of your image matters and if you have given it a second time, we will be delighted that you quote with us.

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