Benefits of led displays for transportation

pantallas led en aeropuerto

Benefits of led displays for transportation

Every day, thousands of people pass in front of bus stations, trains, subways and airports. In the same way, led screens are good to install in this sector: that of transport. There are two beneficial factors in its use: information and entertainment. The screens have been tested beyond fixed physical spaces, as the means of transport themselves have included this innovative technology in their structure, to bring information to all cities and countries.

How have they been placed on the means of transport?

Although they reach high speeds, it is possible to insert and see led screens in subways, trains, buses and even airships. Manufacturers must only guarantee the personalization of the communication medium, depending on the means of transport where it is to be placed. LED technology, meanwhile, will act on its own, allowing excellent readability both indoors and outdoors.

In particular, those that are placed inside the means of transport, are found on long trips. For example, showing a map and indicating in it the points of origin, destination and current location. In them you can also place advertising spaces and public good promotions. Those that are installed outside, guarantee the projection of dynamic and attractive content viewed from long distances.

In terminals and stations, what are they for?

These spaces receive countless daily visitors. Therefore, the information must be at your fingertips. For businesses, institutions, events or any other space that needs to be advertised, LED screens in the transport sector are a safe investment. They are also used to show current national and international events and information, mark spaces and show products or services available in the area.

It is common to recognize its use to show the schedules, delays or interruptions of some displacement service. This is because by means of a comfortable digital information management system, it is possible to link the LED screens with the central control systems and present truthful and constantly updated data.

Benefits of using led screens in the transport sector

Although we comment on the advantages of using LED screens in the transport sector, the truth is that many businesses can benefit from the installation of these communication supports. The digital and computer solutions offered by LED screens located in spaces where many people converge on a daily basis is an important point in favor. However, here we mention others.

  • They constitute modern and innovative audiovisual supports to share all kinds of information
  • Keeps passersby and passenger informed in record time
  • They are sources of entertainment for long trips or long waiting times
  • They are visual guides to direct traffic in crowded spaces
  • In long-stay places they can serve as sources of entertainment
  • They are easy to read and project very visually appealing content
  • They are very durable, even working 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Some are made for interiors, but others can be part of the structure of the means of transport, carrying advertising everywhere.
  • They are resistant to inclement weather
  • They improve the user experience and, therefore, the image of the brands


Any type of led screen works well in this sector. According to our experiences, the installation of led totems is very common next to bus stops, videowalls in train stations, indoor screens in the corridors of the subway and even on a glass that projects information between the waiting rooms of the airports. The important thing is to know the benefits that a led screen will bring to your business, especially if it belongs to the transportation sector.

Invest to boost your recognition and sales. It uses led technology.

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