Wireless LED screens

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Wireless LED screens

We have no doubt that LED screens have come a long way and that information, entertainment and advertising occupy an important space in our lives. If, on the other hand, you have a business, institution, project or company, you will be interested in including them in your business model to increase your followers, customers and sales. But, on one or several screens, how do we hide the connection cables from the public?

New technologies

LED cabinets have come as an effective solution to hide the cables and connectors of LED screens. With this technological evolution, the LED modules arrive assembled with the power supplies, light probes, controller, reception and sending cards. Inside the cabinets, each one of the components is arranged in an organized way and the cables that join them are kept hidden. A sealing cap on the back will make it invisible from any angle you view the LED display.

Other benefits

There are some power connectors that will power the display, but with only one cable going to the socket. On the other hand, you will not need cables to provide a signal to the LED screen, there are signal connectors that via WiFi will be able to connect to the screen and project all the programmed content. For that, it is important to have a comprehensive Digital Signage service that keeps the connections of all your LED screens stable and online.

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Advantages of wireless LED screens

Definitely, the aesthetic issue is the most important, but we can tell you about some other advantages that the use of wireless LED screens brings.

  • You get a fixed installation, but with fewer external connectors and quick releases.
  • It offers more stable and better quality images.
  • They are high performance screens and great value for the customer.
  • Its installation is much simpler than that of the previous screens.
  • It allows the installation of large LED screens or video walls only with modules.
  • No additional wiring is needed to provide power and signal.
  • They save time and offer higher resolution.
  • Contents can be managed by wireless connection.
  • Its maintenance for technical support is faster.


We must also invest in wireless LED screens. LED cabinets are definitely an efficient, effective, simple and fast solution for your advertising screens. Quote with us online both our screens and our cabinets and our electronic components. Take the LED to all your clients and without cables in between.

Dream it. We make it real.
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