What is the best LED screen?


What is the best LED screen?

We are sure that LED screens for digital advertising are excellent communication media. Also, many have to look in this article for a final answer to incorporate this technology into their business. However, the best LED screen is the one you need and the one that best suits your business model. The most important thing is strategic planning and the proper deployment of your budget around these products.

Choose size

One of the most common questions is: what size is the best LED screen? If you follow our content, you are aware of the variety of LED screens that we handle and the models to follow that exist in the world. For a small business in the retail sector, an LED poster of less than 1m x 1m can achieve impressive results, but a building in the United Arab Emirates required the work of hundreds of technicians for months to install the largest LED screen in the world and achieve impressive projections.

However, it is not only the size that matters when choosing the best screen, but also its pixel pitch. This denomination tells us about the distance between the pixels inside the screen and determines its adequate visualization for the human eye. Roughly a P3, it can be seen well from 3 meters, as each pixel is separated by only 3 mm.


Where the best screen is placed

The best location is the one where your clients or potential public will be able to observe it better and more often. LED screens are useful for the number of times they generate new purchases, leads or followers. Thus, a screen can be placed at the back of a store, outside a shopping center, in restaurants, companies, hotels, health centers or wherever you need it, but effectively communicate your messages.

The contents will also vary depending on the place you have chosen for your LED screen. A marketing team will need to assess when it is best to project content with text, images, videos or animations based on the behavior of your customers or your business objectives. That is why there is no exact place to install LED screens, but the one that best suits you.

Its resolution or sharpness

LED technology in screens is better than televisions when it comes to advertising. Why? Well, this technology confers higher quality to the communicative support and projects the contents of your brand with better resolution, sharpness and brightness. The screens, whether indoors, outdoors or shop windows, will receive some type of lighting that will directly affect them, so it is important that they stand out even in sunlight.

  • It also evaluates its resistance to climate changes.
  • Ask about its sensitivity or resistance to shock.
  • Clarifies whether the screen brightness is adjusted automatically.
  • Get to know several models before deciding on the best LED screen for your business.

The service of RPG Technology

The service offered by our company is very complete. We have several stages in which we evaluate which is the best LED screen for you. During the quotes, we measure your space, get to know your company in depth and make a value proposition with those screens and content that we believe will be the best for you.

Once the proposals are evaluated and varied if necessary, we will proceed to the manufacture and installation of your LED screens, as soon as possible. Many LED screens are designed to be up and running right out of the box and without complicated installation, but if you need it, our team will do the installation for you. Our work does not end there, we will also continue with you in the monitoring and guarantee of your LED screen.

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There is no better or worse LED screen. The dimensions, resolution and the place where they are located will determine their effectiveness within your company. Know your budget, the different LED screens we offer and the efficiency that this technology can offer you. Dream big and we make it come true. RPG Technology wants your business to explore the best version of itself, living the magic of LED technology.

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