What is digital advertising?

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What is digital advertising?

How many ads do you come across daily? In any medium, on the street or on the Internet, we are bombarded by endless promotions from all the brands and sectors you can imagine. Thus, it has become essential to differentiate between the various counterparts and digital advertising has become an excellent ally for this. If you know it, you will know that we associate it with the use of digital media resources to reach a wider audience and, if not, we will show you everything about it.

What is digital advertising?

This type of advertising refers to the way of disseminating a brand and its contents through digital communication media. At RPG Technology, we do it through LED screens, audiovisual and computer solutions for your business. In them, you can show products, services and your most recent promotions. Thanks to digital advertising, a small, medium or large company can be noticed by a large number of people and increase the number of its followers, customers and sales.

Also, in order to satisfy the wishes and needs of customers, digital advertising is recognized as one that is inserted on the Internet, paid or organic, and that manages to reverse the company’s investment. However, in this article we will focus on advertising in digital media, which has surpassed investment in print media.

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Advantages of using digital advertising

Variety of formats

Digital advertising has allowed us to replace static designs with moving text and images. Videos and animations are the best expression of this advertising, capturing the attention of passers-by at every turn. Of course, the impact also depends on the design of the contents and the correct choice of time intervals to display them and their location, but they are, without a doubt, first class content.


Digital advertising guarantees greater interaction with your brand’s customers. Thanks to it, you impact and show your star products and services or the news you have in your business. Obviously, you don’t have a single advertisement, but you can publish several at the time you want and keep your LED screen active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bring in them the most up-to-date information and your advertising and entertainment content.


Managing digital advertising is easier and cheaper than traditional print advertising. This is because digital ads can be easily managed from any device with internet access. Specialized software allows you to replace or update your ads, taking into account whether or not it is working with your target audience. It is no longer even necessary to print, paste or distribute flyers, or even be included in media such as newspapers, radio or television. Instead, place an LED screen in a strategic area and bring the best of your content to everyone.

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Small investment

When thinking about investing in digital advertising, you will be faced with the dilemma of choosing these or other effective communication media. Our opinion? The initial investment can be quite expensive, since LED screens have been on the market for a relatively short time and are very effective. However, the design and updating of the content can be carried out by your own marketing team and have it ready in a matter of a few days. That is, in a short term, you will be seeing the fruits of an investment that can last 8 or more years.


Undoubtedly, digital advertising gives a greater reach to your campaigns and promotions. Definitely, the use of LED screens adheres to the “promotion” present among the 4 P’s of marketing and advocates for more digital and better communicated spaces. By publicizing your brand in these media, you ensure that your current and potential customers know you and are up to date with your news.



We already know the world of digital advertising and we believe that it can be very useful to promote and spread our products and services with it and with the magic of LED technology. At RPG Technology, you can quote various types of screens and receive them ready for operation, as we have an excellent Digital Signage service, which will place your content in the right place and time.

Do you want to communicate better with your customers? We make it real.
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