Video drivers for LED screens

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Video drivers for LED screens

The effectiveness of LED screens has already been proven, but what lies behind the good content, its resolution and sharpness? Well, a great design job and the best electronic components to make them work perfectly. At RPG Technology, today we want to talk to you about video controllers for LED screens because, even if you don’t take care of the technical details, you need to know what’s inside your LED screen.

What are video drivers?

Video controllers, in general, are those devices installed in your LED screen, which allow a single image to be divided among all the LED modules of your screen or among all the ones that make up a video wall. Its size can be as small as a chip or integrate a larger unit connected to the Internet and the rest of the screen components.

Controls that are made only to be physically managed, only include particular functions and are managed by the human hand on the back of LED technology. These controls are more reliable and perform better, but they are expensive and inflexible in their work. On the other hand, software-based controls allow adjustment from any electronic device connected to the Internet.

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What features do video controllers have?

For its correct operation, the video controllers are chosen according to the size of the screen, the number of pixels it contains and the formats that will be projected. Thus, for example, we must look at the accepted resolution, the formats it supports and the adjustments that can be made to improve the image, both in hardware and in software.

The integrated video matrix chip is in charge of “stretching” and projecting the content previously indicated to it along and across the LED screen. This chip will not change the resolution of your content, so you must design it specifically for your screen. Otherwise, the contents could be deformed and present errors both due to low resolution and pixel oversaturation.

What else should I take into account?

When choosing our video controllers, it is also necessary to take into account the number of outputs and inputs of the controller, to determine if it is compatible with our LED screen. As for the software, different management programs are used for specific cards, so using the one indicated by the manufacturer can bring us better results when projecting the contents of the brand. Some video controllers include transitions between content, adding more professionalism to your display and branding.



Why do we briefly talk about LED video controllers? Well, because, although they form a very small part of our LED screens, they are essential for their operation. Definitely, image quality and control go hand in hand with this electronic component. At RPG Technology we can also offer you audiovisual and computer solutions of this type. Contact and quote with us through our online channels.

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