Texts on LED screens

textos en pantallas LED

Texts on LED screens

We talk a lot about LED screens for advertising and we emphasize the versatility of the content that can be arranged on them. However, we give greater importance to images and videos due to their ability to move and leave aside the importance of communicating with our audiences through texts. The reality is that these graphic resources will also bring a high degree of impact to your LED screens, but it is necessary to know them thoroughly and use them properly.

LED display and textual content

For both information and entertainment and advertising, LED screens can project text visible from long distances and with high resolution. Through them you can indicate locations, current weather conditions and time, but these are its least impressive uses. For advertising purposes, large and fast texts are used, capable of capturing the attention of the public in its hectic movement and in any transport.

In concerts, museums, architectural projects, television sets, cinemas, fashion stores, small businesses, restaurants and even in large avenues, it is possible to find LED screens with dazzling texts that are also useful for the public. In K-Post, LED Totems, flat LEDs, video walls and other advertising screens, the text is perfectly adapted to communicate to your audiences everything they need.


An essential element when programming texts on your LED screens is the size of each one of them. According to our experience and years dedicated to Digital Signage, displaying short texts in intervals of 10 to 15 seconds can bring you better results than using long texts with small fonts. That is, if you use a single word, make sure that it occupies at least ¼ of the size of your screen and apply this rule from now on in all the texts that you project.

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Varied content

The texts projected on your LED screens can show date, time, temperature, your contact information, opening and closing hours, offers of the day, current promotions, among others. A positive aspect is that the texts can also be projected in 3D and catch your customers in a different way. LED technology does not create barriers, on the contrary, it destroys them. Use varied and novel designs, but readable, remember that the dimensions of your computer will be multiplied 10 times or more in indoor and outdoor LED screens.

Color and font

The tones and fonts that we choose for our texts on LED screens is very important. The readability and memorability of our content by the public depends on them. The colors between the background and the text create contrasts to improve reading. Yellow and black, white and blue, green with white, white and black are colors that have proven effective for this purpose. On the other hand, avoid using Serif fonts on your LED screens, except if it is a communicative purpose of your brand. Even so, combine it with clean and modern fonts that improve the readability of the text that you propose to your audiences.


Keep your customers informed. Institutional events, novelties, updates and news of your interest, can be located in texts on LED screens and in strategic places so that they reach everyone. Communicate quickly but effectively. Complement your texts with videos, images and other high-impact screens. Your marketing and digital advertising campaigns now have unparalleled and very durable supports, so take advantage of the opportunity and dazzle them all.

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Advantages of texts on LED screens

Like the content projected in image or video format, the use of LED screens surpasses traditional advertising on static billboards. The texts, for their part, will appear with greater dynamism, impact and communicative load, making them different from those of your counterparts and for passers-by. Likewise, they are easy to update or replace from the central server where the content is located and in this way, they connect regularly with the public. Bringing texts to LED technology screens, your customers will feel more identified with you, while providing them with information about your brand, products and services. Give them the best view of your content and they will stay with you.


There is no denying the impact of a great text. The excellent quality of the image projected through LED screens is equaled for textual content. Only knowing them and applying them properly will lead us to offer unique information, entertainment and advertising for our clients. At RPG Technology, we are committed to guaranteeing you the best of this technology. Quote with us.

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