RPG arrives at the Dentalia branch offices

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RPG arrives at the Dentalia branch offices

Dentalia is a Mexican chain of dental clinics in the country. For more than 14 years of work, they have served the population with innovative technology and in more than 60 branches. To do this, they have a wide and professional network of specialists within their staff, committed to the well-being of all their patients and under the premise of “seeing them happy”.

For each of the family members, there is a personalized service that they need to make known among their clients. Therefore, the advertising that reaches your installation must be of the best quality and with the best technology. That is why Dentalia has entrusted us with its digital advertising and for this we have installed LED screens in one of its branches. Here you can know everything.

What LED screens have we installed?

Dentalia has one of its branches in the Centro Comercial Satélite, in Mexico City. The clinic is located on an island on the second floor of the shopping center, so its location is strategic in that place. In this way, the best way to capture the attention of customers was by installing two screens outside the branch.

Specifically, we have installed two INDOOR flat LED screens, measuring 192 cm x 192 cm. In addition, they have high resolution thanks to their pixel pitch 3.3, so they can be seen from long distances. As an advertising claim for the client, these screens have been perfectly integrated into the island in the shopping center and project its contents, promotions, opening hours, messages of public good and other information.

Why is it important to use them?

Thanks to the LED screens, Dentalia makes available to passers-by the necessary treatments to improve their dental aesthetics and take care of their oral health. They, in an entertainment visit to the shopping center, may be part of the clinic’s health care. There they will be offered a free assessment and a fast and safe dental assistance service for dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, maxillofacial and children’s care.

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In the health sector it is necessary to be different to attract the public. Nowadays it is not enough that a service is good, but that the whole experience is. This is how Dentalia has opted for digital advertising and specifically with our LED technology to reach many more users. In addition, the investment can bring them a greater number of clients, differentiation among their peers, new advertising and a return of at least 5 years of operation in the sector.

Dentalia seeks to create smiles. In RPG we make it real.
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