LED screens in cinema and television: Competing with the traditional?

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LED screens in cinema and television: Competing with the traditional?

How difficult would it be to talk about advertising screens in businesses that, by themselves, have been differentiated by the magic that they carry through their screens? Film and television are media whose journey through time has known how to adapt to each era, create with ingenuity and dazzle with their brilliance. However, LED screens for advertising have been added for acceptance in recent years.

The term competition does not come to generate discord, but to find the balance between the communicative and audiovisual media of film and television. Without realizing it, we have already accepted that digital age in our life. The use of LED screens to show the prices of the popcorn that we enjoy in the cinema or the dazzling of the current scenography on television sets is no secret to anyone.

Therefore, we wanted to bring you the applications of LED screens in these sectors. You will surely stay attached to these supports if you work directly with them. But if you want to increase your visits and sales, you should definitely invest in this powerful, modern and attractive technology.

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Cinematographic sector

  • The LED screens in this sector can be used both on the facades of the place and in its lobbies and interior corridors.
  • If hired for exteriors, we will make sure that your LED screen is resistant to inclement weather and that its projection capacity is visible from long distances and without interruption by the sun’s rays.
  • The screens have to attract everyone: children, adults and the elderly. Therefore, the information displayed on the screens will be attractive enough to capture your attention in your daily routine or on walks through the mall.
  • Our Digital Signage service can help you create innovative messages that invite you to enjoy the seventh art specifically in your branch.
  • Inside cinemas, it is useful to use LED screens to place movie posters at the box office or others that have been previously presented and have been accepted by the public.
  • Some cinemas include small-format INDOOR LED screens in their aisles for this purpose.
  • LED screens are also used to indicate the various projection rooms and other information that attendees need.
  • In these supports you can place advertising of sponsors and collaborations between the cinema and other spaces.
  • The branch’s food and beverage menus and promotions are arranged on these screens to better understand customers.
  • The film premieres are also taking advantage of the characteristics of the LED screens, as they are a support to the scenography of the event and the creation of interactive spaces for the attendees.
  • In addition, large-format LED screens are being used to shoot movies, replacing green chroma with screens without limits, which create noise-free images and facilitate production and post-production processes.

Television spaces

  • The scenery on television has evolved. The usual spaces with plasterboard and wood are now covered by all kinds of LED screens.
  • Curved screens, columns, floors, videowalls and other support supports are present on television and facing the public.
  • Informational, educational, talk shows, participation contests, debates, and every show you can imagine has at least one LED screen on the set.
  • They appear in small, medium and large formats, but always very attractive and interactive for the public from home.
  • The Digital Signage service can be configured to only show filler content, bring the weather report or to arrange texts, images and videos to support the information of the presenters and guests.
pantallas led en television
  • LED displays in this sector are defined by their dynamism, time savings and assembly and production costs.
  • In these audiovisual supports, you can also make connections with reporters and guests on the street or telework and place the program’s logo during times when the screen does not have a leading role.
  • In this way, the differentiation of each program and channel is guaranteed, identifying which ones invest more in the satisfaction of their audiences and in the presentation of majestically attractive content.


By betting on including LED screens in cinemas and television sets, you are taking your audiences fully into your spaces. Brilliant tones and colors, created contrast and visual support for physical locations in cinema and television broadcasts are just some of the characteristics of our digital and computing solutions service.

Its uses and functionalities constitute another spectrum that must always be looked at before deciding to purchase our LED screens. But without a doubt, modern television and cinema appreciate them. We have to bring information, entertainment and publicity to all our audiences; but also emotion.

"We all need magic from time to time, right?" Isabella Patterson

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