LED screens for shop windows


LED screens for shop windows

When we talk about shop windows, the various small fashion stores or shopping centers that show the best of their products or the current promotions always come to mind. However, also for offices, health centers, gyms, restaurants, banks and other businesses, placing LED screens would be a very profitable option. Today we want to tell you about the use of this technology to increase your customers, followers and sales.

Why in LEDs?

LED screens have been shown to impact audiences more than other types of advertising. This is because it is much more dynamic and can include text, images, videos, and animations, in various formats. Contrary to what happens in traditional print advertising, the cost of changing the content is much lower, since it is within the reach of a click in the content management software. Customers are attracted to what is new and different.

If you have a small business and you plan to give it a boost, LED technology will be perfect in your shop windows. The best way to capture their attention as you pass is with these screens. We do not use traditional domestic LED screens, because they are not capable of projecting content with the same intensity and brightness and, in turn, are very striking and visible in full light.

Indoors or outdoors?

For you, we will customize the LED screens to suit your shop windows or windows and we will make sure to place them in the strategic place so that all your customers can see it. We can manufacture it in the size you imagine, only we must take into account its use indoors or outdoors that have the characteristic of withstanding climatic conditions. Indoors, shop window LED screens also need protection from moisture and dust.

We will also take into account the pixel pitch, a measure that allows us to determine from what distance your LED screens will be seen properly. Shop windows attract the attention of approximately 70% of passers-by, but we must try to insert the most relevant information with the best visibility. You can place your logo there, your promotions and offers, your new collection products and services, your star products and everything you want.


Other benefits of LED in shop windows

As if that were not enough, the LED screens in shop windows can be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fixed images or with content that varies by intervals. They are much more resistant than other similar communication supports and can be managed by anyone, simply with an Internet connection.

Your advertising, without a doubt, will mark a before and after in your environment. The quality of the content is essential, but the brightness of the screens will allow them to attract customers at any time of the day, since the sun’s rays do not weaken their intensity. Your advertising content will be an essential part of the path of your current and potential customers, opening the way to your products and services.

What are the best supports?

At RPG Tecnhnology we have various types of LED screens, but some specific ones can be very special solutions for your business windows.

  • Flat LED: it can be located outdoors and outdoors and with large and attractive sizes.
  • Flexible LED: it will especially attract the attention of passers-by with diverse content and with a sensation of movement.
  • Glass LED: it is a modern and novel solution because at the same time that it shows the contents, it is possible to appreciate the interior of the business.
  • K-Post and LED Totems: they are quick to install and bring everything your brand needs to customers. In addition, they can be placed supported, hung, on ceilings or on columns without any problem.


LED displays for shop windows are very useful. In them you can play all kinds of formats and carry content for various purposes. Advertising, information and entertainment are our bases. Dare to connect with your audience in a different way and make all your customers part of your brand and its promotions. Request your quote online and reach everyone with the best communication supports on the market.

Dream it in LED. We make it real.
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