LED screens for scenery

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LED screens for scenery

LED screens have been inserted in each space. Companies, small businesses and even government institutions have joined LED technology to carry information, entertainment or advertising. In theaters and television sets, scenery is essential, but LED screens have managed to give these spaces a different and unique touch. Find out with us.

What is scenery?

Roughly speaking, the scenery is the deployment of a backdrop. In each space where it is needed, artistic and decorative elements are placed that contribute to the plot, the script or the embellishment. Of course, some works, presentations or television programs do not require it, but its effectiveness has been demonstrated to transmit greater and better messages to the public.

How are LED screens used for scenery?

LED scenography has several benefits, not only because of the attractiveness of the screens and their contents, but also because of the economy that investing in them represents. Once you have your flat, flexible and even creative LED (in the form of cubes and spheres), you can simply vary the contents and adjust them to each presentation. You will have a small team, in charge of the props and their transportation, but the contents will remain in the hands of the designers and adjusted to the rhythm of the script.

Due to this, the contents and the actors/presenters will have to be perfectly synchronized, in order to offer the best experience to the public and provide them with information in the simplest way possible. LED screens can carry text, images, videos, and animations on them and are easily interchangeable. In other words, it is enough to update the contents between one presentation and another, without wasting materials or storing them for future events.

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Our proposal

The LED screens offered by RPG Technology are customizable, adjusted to the size you need, but with excellent resolution, brightness and sharpness. In the case of television presentations, we have Shine Off screens, which prevent images from being distorted when transmitted through cameras and so that the public can also enjoy the content projected on them from home.

Our Digital Signage service allows you to schedule screenings in advance, simply with a secure Internet connection. We do not believe in limits, we can make everything you dream of come true. For example, a scenery has reached more than 150 meters in length and showing content in 360 °. In television, the use of flexible LED screens has become a habit, for the most part, and flat LED screens are reserved for the staging of plays and minor projects.

What is important to highlight?

If you have already decided to bring LED screens to your scenery, we want to give you some tips so that your scenery stands out, but above all it helps to better understand it.

  • Projects the main contents: videos and notes alluding to the current text.
  • Place logos of the program, the play or the television network to give it relevance and memorability.
  • Synchronize your content with the scene, so it’s important to have an accurate script or dress rehearsals first.
  • Draw the attention of viewers with the use of contrasting colors and the support of graphic resources.
  • Know the technical specifications of your screen to avoid errors in formats and their projections.
  • Use eye-catching content but do not saturate the viewer. Impact everyone but effectively communicate your message.


The scenery has been revolutionized. Today we can use LED screens to make it more attractive and to highlight the necessary content for the public. At RPG Technology we believe in every challenge and we accompany you to create your own scenery based on LED technology. Request your quote through our email or on any of our social networks. You can dream it.

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