End of the year: the last chance for your LED screens

pantallas led en fin de año

End of the year: the last chance for your LED screens

Less than a week after completing this trip to the Sun, we would like to tell you about new ways to use LED screens in your end-of-year events. Start by delivering light, bringing dreams to reality that not even your clients knew, and making them believe that their New Year’s resolutions can still come true.

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years are the most important dates of the time. Therefore, there are not few events that take place these days. LED technology accompanies every celebration around the world, in physical events and those that are broadcast on television. In this way, you can bring messages and advertising to a larger audience.

6 concepts before acquiring LED screens

The visual appeal you get with the scenery of your events will be remembered by everyone and will distinguish you from your peers. The LED screens are supports to carry information, sponsor announcements, live concerts, support texts and even the long-awaited countdown one minute before starting the new year. Of course, before acquiring or renting the LED screens that you will use in your end-of-year events, you must take into account some aspects.

OUTDOOR screens: Like the iconic New Year’s Eve at Puerta del Sol in Madrid or in Times Square in New York, your company, television station or musician can attract a large number of people in outdoor areas. Distance and brightness, which will be explained later, are essential, as is your protection from the effects of air, sun, rain or snow. In this way, you will not have any problem when using them day or night and they will provide the same intensity.

INDOOR screens: The television sets are also specially decorated for the end of the year events. The channels that broadcast their programs with the stars of the moment are varied, but the LED screens can become the true protagonists of the night. The most important thing is that they are shine off, that is, they do not reflect the lights or show stripes during the final projection.

Quality and brightness: The brightness and brightness that LED screens project is essential. In this section, the pixels on your screen are fundamentally involved. The distance between them will determine the quality of the image and from where the information arranged on the LED screen can be clearly seen.

pantallas LED

Contents: The contents must be adjusted to the size of your screens and managed appropriately in case of being projected in the form of a waterfall. Advertising, institutional information, messages about the end of the year, graphic animations and high resolution images and videos will reach your audiences through the largest screens.

Installation: LED screens are installed in an agile and simple way, due to their ultra-thin and ultra-light design. Although they may seem fragile, they are not. Our screens have high resistance to accidental blows and the risks of transportation.

Durability: These communication supports are manufactured so that they can work every day of the year, 24 hours a day. In your case, if you want to use them only in end-of-the-year events, take it for granted that they will last you for many years. In addition, the maintenance costs and the time taken for it will be very low.

LED displays for end-of-year events

What LED screens can you use then? Well, the ones that are comfortable for you, according to your space and budget. From RPG we can guarantee you the best LED technology of the moment, capable of turning any environment into a dream. The flat LED, the LED floor, the columns with screens and the meshes and banners made with this technology, produce an unforgettable visual appeal.

If you want to get other screens that are lighter, but of equal quality, dare to innovate with our LED posters (K-Post) or create videowalls to liven up your shows and live performances. We manufacture screens that remain on everyone’s mind, until memories are renewed for next year’s content and visual quality.

These displays will undoubtedly appeal to everyone; on the street, for guests on television or from home. The challenge is to make their parties more enjoyable, bringing them a unique event. Offer quality, dynamism in your messages and the best images at the end of the year celebrations. You just dream it, in RPG we make it real.

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