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Digital Signage from RPG

It is well known by our public that for each of the LED screens that we offer, we also deploy an entire Content Management service through our own software. However, if it is the first time that you read one of our articles and you are also interested in this service, we invite you to stay and learn about the various applications and the characteristics of the use of Digital Signage.

¿What is Digital Signage?

The Digital Signage service can be understood as comprehensive solutions for content management in digital media. These supports can be indoor and outdoor flat LEDs, LED totems, K-Post, LED poles or other screens with this technology. For RPG, managing digital content and making it more interactive means creating more active communication channels at points of sale and public places that require it.

Thanks to this service, your company or project will immediately connect with the public. With Digital Signage, a 360° vision is generated for the client, who in a few minutes has full access to the organization’s information. For this reason, the contents are regularly updated and improved, taking into account customer behavior and the achievement of business objectives.

What services are offered?

Based on the needs and ideas of each client, a personalized plan is designed for him. From a digital work department, the contents will be managed or existing ones will be adapted to the formats of the chosen LED screens. Once achieved, the broadcast grid is created, the contents are distributed and the platform is constantly monitored in order to follow up on the information available there.

At RPG we offer you a centralized and coherent management of the contents of your LED screens. Through unique credentials, we have access to what is available in your audiovisual media and in this way we prevent failures, blank intervals or hacks of web servers.

In which sectors is it necessary?

In any area where you insert LED screens, having an integrated Digital Signage service will fully favor the deployment of content. This service favors both internal and external communication in organizations and companies, displays information about your products and services, can display advertising on it, helps to achieve organizational objectives, increases sales and improves your brand image.

How do we manage content from the company to your screen?

We have a fairly simple mode of action that we can simplify for you in three steps.

  1. We receive the content from the client and adapt it to the size of the previously contracted screen. On the contrary, we design the content that will be available on the LED support and adjust the content broadcast grid.
  2. The contents are sent to the central KABUKI LED server, from where the information projected on each screen is managed. Through the web, all the contents are accessed and sent to each medium.
  3. The contents are received in the client’s support and it is verified that the layout of the contents is correct.

Between each of these steps, of course, lies much more work on the part of our editors, programmers, and installation team. They manage the times between each image, gif or video on the screen, the resolution of the content and any possible errors that may arise before the final delivery to the client.

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Digital Signage Formats

The delivered LED screens can reproduce image, video and text formats. In addition, they can be synchronized with central servers of companies, news sites, the weather and even the time, thus providing other useful information for the public. Some of our screens also have the option to have touch access. In this way, for example, a fashion store can attract its customers to buy online from its own establishment, making the experience more interactive, modern and fascinating.


Definitely, LED screens alone will not lead you to differentiate yourself and lead the market. The contents that are projected through them will be the ones that, with attractive brightness and resolution, will attract your potential clients. For this reason, our Digital Signage service arrives to design, adjust and project your content, information, advertising and entertainment messages.

You are faced with a fast, innovative and economical service. For your next campaigns, consider investing in an LED screen; From now on, we will be in charge of managing the contents, the time intervals in which they appear and the duration of the communication campaign. Digital Signage is so simple that it is just a click away. Contact us and quote with us. We guarantee quality, efficiency and visibility for your business.

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