Banjército: Led Screens for the Mexican Bank

Pantalla Led en sucursal de Banjército

Banjército: Led Screens for the Mexican Bank

At RPG we work with various companies, taking our Led screens around the world. Precisely in Mexico, we have created alliances with Banjército, the National Army Bank and the Mexican Air Force and Navy. However, its services are available to the general public, companies and societies that require it.

But how has RPG been inserted in this institution? We want to bring your clients the most up-to-date computer and audiovisual solutions. This includes the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various screens to project your information. Banjército is now also part of the companies that choose us when acquiring their Led screens.

What type of screens have we installed for Banjército?

Currently, our screens are present in several of the Banjército facilities. At the Sedena branch we have installed four types of screens:

P3 OUTDOOR LED ATMs: We have placed screens around Banjército ATMs, which make them more attractive and protect them from the rain and the Sun.

P3 INDOOR LED lined columns: We have also lined two columns inside one of their facilities. Continuous images with information about the institution are projected on its four sides. That is, they are not static screens, but related to each other to offer a much more attractive final product.

P3 INDOOR LED Wall: Where we used to find analog poles from the branches, we have installed two screens built into the wall, offering a much cleaner and brighter image for all customers to see.

P3 INDOOR LED wall elongated screen: In another variant, we include a linear screen in the VIP area of ​​the branch, where we include relevant and personalized information for this type of customer.

On the other hand, in Santa Lucía we have completed the installation of three other Led screens:

P3 INDOOR LED ATMs: As in the Sedena branch, a Led screen was installed for the ATMs. However, in this case, it is inside, but can be seen from outside.

P3 INDOOR LED lined columns: In this area, we also place screens to line columns of the installation. This time, there were four columns that were installed integrated into the wall, creating an excellent set of images around.

Giant LED screen P10 OUTDOOR: We have integrated an 81 m² L-shaped screen into the facade of the branch. Undoubtedly, the information proposed on this screen can be seen from more than 2 kilometers away and is a major attraction for the clients.

At the Heroico Colegio Militar, we have also installed a P3 INDOOR LED screen in their ATMs. RPG screens are welcomed by all audiences so, for next year, we anticipate another five projects with this client. In this way, we will make Banjército’s search for the well-being of customers a reality.

What do you get from this investment in RPG Led screens?

Undoubtedly, not only large companies or chain stores obtain benefits by investing in Led screens for their branches. Banjército bets on our quality screens; visible from long distances. There are not a few people who pass in front of them on a daily basis, so it is normal that Led screens contribute to increasing subscriptions to this bank.

Banjército customers now have more interactive waiting areas. There, they are given information before seeing the commercials or carrying out operations with their bank cards. It is common to seek currency and confidence before placing personal savings or investing some money in a certain bank branch. With the RPG screens, innovative spaces are created, which denote modernity and technology for this bank.

The Led screens located in Banjército, seek to communicate more quickly with their audiences. Thanks to our advanced Digital Signage solutions, these bank branches enhance the image of the brand. In our alliance, advertising and timely information go hand in hand and our Led screens allow us to verify it.

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