Advantages of LED screens on the ceiling

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Advantages of LED screens on the ceiling

The more unique the venues, the more unique the LED screens you show your customers. The installation of LED screens on the ceiling can be striking, but at the same time an excellent investment to show unexpected content and guide the public. Grosso modo, we want to tell you about the use of these screens indoors and their advantages.

How are the ceiling LED screens?

Like any other support, LED screens can have various formats and sizes and can be installed horizontally, vertically or with a scale size. The installation becomes a bit more cumbersome, but nothing impossible. The screens project the same intensity, resolution and brightness as those placed in front of passers-by and can even reach a greater angle of projection and lighting.


Where are the screens installed?

Well, although it sounds obvious, on the ceiling, but you need to evaluate whether it is built-in or suspended. LED panels can illuminate and project images, videos, texts and animations on them. In their square, rectangular, round and/or curved shapes, it is possible to hang them with special instruments and very close to the ceiling, to show all your contents.

Most of the time, LED screens are installed indoors, but sometimes they can be found outdoors under a roof. Some residences, companies and businesses already use them as part of their advertising plan. They are used in receptions, corridors and offices, bringing excellent lighting and, at the same time, the best of your products and services.

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Various sectors use LED screens and install them on the ceiling looking for totally different results. It will be very interesting to find premises, receptions, restaurants, bars, shops, shopping centers and even parking lots with LED screens on them. In a simple way, bring innovative solutions to your space and create the best brand for customers. Invest in popular, cheap and efficient media.

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