Advantages and disadvantages of LED screens

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Advantages and disadvantages of LED screens

Digital advertising is now making its way on a large scale and in full color for audiences. LED screens have become the perfect support to go beyond the limits of your brand’s ideas and reach unimagined spaces. Traditional printed advertising had little versatility and attractiveness, but although not everything is rosy, today we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of LED screens for digital advertising. 


LED technology bequeaths us several applications and advantages in its use. The digital advertising channeled through it is expressed, in short, in high resolution, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Its use is not limited to interiors or exteriors, but can be used in both spaces and provide the amount of brightness necessary to impact passers-by.
  • LED screens are made up of LED modules, which allow small or larger, flat or flexible designs to be created, depending on the needs or ideas of the client. That is why we have recessed screens, LED floor, Glass LED, LED curtains, Creative LED, K-Post, Totems and many more varieties.
  • They allow a wide variety of messages to be projected, with videos and animations surpassing texts and classic still images in print advertising.
  • With various types of advertising and in highly crowded areas, LED screens stand out, impact and capture the attention of the public, diverting their gaze from other spaces, as long as the quality of the content accompanies it.
  • In exteriors and long-stay spaces, customers will see the ads several times, since the content is scheduled at intervals and, consequently, will remain more fixed in their memory.
  • Indoors, digital advertising will provide the consumer with a more intimate interaction with your brand, through a clearer and more unobstructed view to create a stronger connection with your content.
  • You can create attractive content outdoors that encourages people to locate and go to your brand and specific content indoors that generates more purchases.
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  • Its range is special. There is no way that the human eye can ignore the brightness and resolution of your brand content on LED screens. When they walk past your location, it will stick in their minds and increase your followers, customers, and sales.
  • The viewing angle covers almost 180° and the distance from which the screen can be seen clearly and with quality is calculated according to the pixel pitch offered by the contracted LED screen (approximately the same amount in meters).
  • The useful life of LED screens is estimated between 5 and 8 years in uninterrupted operation. You can opt for them as a long-term investment for advertising your brand.
  • LED screens are easy to install and require little maintenance during their use.
  • The Digital Signage service provided by some companies such as RPG Technology guarantees that your screen arrives ready to go into operation, with the content adjusted to the size of your LED screen and managed from a central server.
  • LED technology also holds the award for commitment to the environment and low energy consumption.
  • All LED modules are built to withstand sunlight and still dazzle audiences and others are built to also withstand harsh weather conditions or constant exposure to moisture, heat and dust.


Although much smaller, LED screens also find their disadvantages in the digital advertising sector. Basically, these are summarized in price and time of exposure to messages.

  • LED technology is not extremely cheap, even though it has been on the market for several years. However, if we evaluate the quality-price-time ratio, we conclude that we made an investment of at least 5 years, uninterruptedly broadcasting the best of our brand’s content.
  • The consumer, in an era of such agility, does not have time to stop before our messages. That is why it is necessary to carry direct, impactful and short-lived content; otherwise, the brand will go unnoticed in the everyday hustle and bustle.
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Undoubtedly, LED technology in digital advertising screens is here to stay. Each negative point has been overcome in order to provide us with endless advantages when using these communication supports. LED screens, with their general information, advertising or entertainment content, must reach all audiences. Invest in LED technology, the benefits it will bring are impressive and will surpass that predecessor that is print advertising.

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