5 applications of LED screens in restaurants

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5 applications of LED screens in restaurants

There is not a space currently that does not benefit from a Led screen. Among them, restaurants, bars and cafes have opted for this type of advertising to display information, promotions, menus and much more. At RPG Technology, we offer you various types of indoor and outdoor led screens and in different sizes.

Dynamic, modern and economical. These are three characteristics that stand out when choosing an LED screen for cafes, restaurants and bars. All these businesses, market or by reservation, can receive the magic of led technology and boost your sales. Here we show you 5 applications of Led screens for your catering business.


Capture the attention of your customers from the first time a led screen is in front of them! Current and potential customers may still have questions about your products, services, and prices. Therefore, placing your Led screen in a visible place for everyone will help to attract passersby, but also to reconnect with your former visitors.

First of all, the opening and closing hours is a good type of content to present. These communication supports attract the attention of those who, day by day, pass in front of your business. At RPG we design the content of your screens for you before delivering them to you. However, with a simple access, you can program, update and play music, images and videos representative of your brand.


Digital menus have been in fashion for a long time. With them, customers can enjoy the wait while enjoying the dishes and drinks of your restaurant, bar or cafeteria. In turn, they will take less time to decide and order with their waiter, since they will have clear ideas about what you offer and for what prices.

You can also add a QR code that is easy for the audience to scan and they will have the menu at their fingertips. If there are changes to the menu, you can easily update it thanks to the digital signage service. Using images and videos to promote your menu is a great way to boost sales.

Smart advertising

A led screen is also an open window to digital advertising. Through it you can show your brand in an intelligent way. Your name, logo, institutional videos, star products and services will be available in this simple support. Placing your Led screen outside, at a suitable and striking height, you will bring modern communication resources in full view of everyone.

Differentiation is key from the moment we conceive our company. Therefore, strategically planning the products that we will place on our screens and constantly updating them will create a special connection with your audiences. Without a doubt, they are always looking for the dynamism and technological capacity of their favorite sites.

As if that were not enough, the LED screen is much more attractive than its previous counterparts, since it can be seen from greater distances, day and night, without affecting the quality and brightness. In addition, it also grows online by locating there the link to your website, social networks or applications to order from home.

Constantly updated

A led screen would be of no use if the information that is proposed does not correspond to the offers of the day. Therefore, if there are changes, the information must be updated quickly and efficiently. The star dishes, the reviews of other clients and the promotions of the day, will help to attract the attention of a larger audience.

Led screens will become your advertising agendas. Not only can the menu be exchanged and updated regularly, but by being connected to the internet or to your mobile phone, you can make all kinds of changes in a matter of minutes. By acting as luminous posters, you can publicize the events agenda of your premises, shows and promotions for specific dates, without extra investment in advertising.

Strength and durability

Choosing a led screen for your business also means opting for information, menus, smart advertising and constant updating for a long time. These screens resist changes in temperature, dust, rain and the sun’s rays. Thus, you can place them where you want and not fear for their useful life. They will also last 8 to 10 years.

Led technology has also brought lower consumption to its products, so the Led screen will make your bill cheaper in the long run. Advertising in your restaurant, cafeteria or bar will also last longer. This translates into sources of savings through reliable and attractive promotions for customers.


So which screen is the best for me?

From RPG we can put at your disposal K-Post (led posters), totems, banners, curtains, INDOOR led, OUTDOOR led and many other Led screens, so that you can take the promotion of your business to another level. If you have several businesses around it, this can be a good way to differentiate yourself and attract passersby in an extraordinary way.

Attractive and modern advertising also matters in the gastronomic sector. Dare to highlight your menu, information, events and promotions through the screens with led technology. They are inexpensive, durable and exclusive as communication media. The benefits will be expressed by reaching and exceeding the sales objectives of your gastronomic establishment.

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