3D animations on LED screens

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3D animations on LED screens

Why not create the best immersive experience for your customers? LED screens offer us an infinity of sizes in communication supports, but also the guarantee that the contents will have the best resolution and sharpness. If we put 3D animations at their disposal, we will definitely cause some impact among the public and, thanks to word of mouth, your LED screen, your content and your brand will be the protagonists of the moment.

What LED screens are used?

At RPG Technology, we have various types of LED screens: flat, flexible, creative, totems and K-Post, our star products. However, in order to create more striking effects, we have noticed the use of much larger and curved screens. 3D effects can also be achieved with flat LEDs and video walls, but the experience of joining flexible screens better projects surreal content.

Its extension is essential. The projected images, of course, will not need special glasses to be viewed, since it would be counterproductive to invest in a technology that will not reach customers in its maximum splendor. That’s why, this time, content is king. The design of the 3D animation content, therefore, must be carried out by a professional who creates that optical illusion among passers-by. The Marketing team, for its part, must find the best LED screens and areas to insert your digital advertising.

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We produce digital advertising and manufacture custom LED screens in a big way. That is why many only need to be purchased and are ready to be placed in your space, but the case of 3D animations is more complicated. For them we manufacture large LED screens, we put together a large number of panels and then we manage the content to be projected from a central server. The installation and final operation of the screen, therefore, is not a simple process, but the results are amazing.

When everything has been perfect, the content speaks for itself. The 3D animations become quality and spectacular images, which apparently will come out of the screen and give the sensation of depth. Unfortunately, pre-installed screens, while very impressive, can only be seen in their 3D effect from specific angles to the screen.

3D content

The contents of the LED screens with 3D animations must be impressive. The proposal about your products and services must be about the most attractive and impressive. By creating dynamic content, you ensure that your advertising content is very realistic and creates more special bonds with your target audience. This, together with communication supports of the best quality and actuality in the market, will make you unique.


Digital signage, without a doubt, is here to stay and show the best of companies, institutions, projects and artists. 3D animation has now also found its place in it. Let’s dream big and design impressive content that attracts a larger audience and increases our visits and sales. At RPG Technology, we develop strategies tailored to your needs. Quote with us.

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